Wine Glass Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornament

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Each ornament is one-of-a-kind and handmade, starting from its first layer of paint to its gold knot tied on top.

Based on the color of wine glass you select, you will randomly receive one of the ornaments I have available in that color. If you don't receive the one photographed here, the one you receive will look very, very similar. 

  • 4 inches in height
  • Custom-cut wood, painted with alcohol inks
  • Finished with a glass-like coat of resin 
  • Arrives ready-to-hang with a gold string (length of the string will vary and may not be accurately reflected in these images)
  • Back is painted white, complete with Sammy's signature 

Like all handmade items, products will lack machine-like precision, resulting in minuscule imperfections. These are not noticeable at first glance and are only visible upon very close examination.