How to Care for Your Artwork

Protecting Paper Artwork

If the artwork you’ve received is framed in a pre-cut mat and cellophane wrapper, feel free to remove it from its clear packaging. Please do not remove the actual artwork from within the white mat frame, as it has been carefully secured and removing it will likely damage both the frame and the artwork. If you still choose to remove the art from its frame, Sammy Gorin Art will not be responsible for damages incurred.

Protecting Your Artwork from Direct Sunlight

Even though I coat every piece with a UV-resistant varnish and gloss, it is still best to keep your artwork out of direct sunlight to avoid potential damage or discoloration. I also recommend keeping your artwork out of areas prone to excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold.

Protecting Your Artwork from Dust and Pollutants

If the artwork you’ve received is on canvas, the best way to free it from dust and fingerprints is with a lint-free, soft cloth; do not spray it with water or chemical cleaners.

It’s also recommended that you hang your artwork away from areas that may expose it to grime from cooking oils and/or smoke. If you’d like to hang your piece in a kitchen, I recommend keeping it as from your stovetop and oven as possible.

How to Hang Your Canvas or Wood Panel Artwork

If you’ve purchased an abstract piece, the direction in which you hang the artwork is entirely up to you. If you want to know how I would hang the piece myself, please refer to the product photos on my website.

Shaped Wooden Panels. If you purchased a piece from my zodiac collection, Grateful Dead collection, or any other wooden panel of a unique shape, you will find at least one self-leveling sawtooth hanger on the back of your piece.

Cradled Wood Panels and Canvas. Most of my cradled wood and canvas pieces come with a gallery wrap. This means the artwork extends around the sides of the canvas, making the piece ready to hang without the need for a frame. Most of my pieces are light enough that you can simply hang it on a nail, thumbtack or hook, but ensuring it is properly secured to the wall will be your responsibility. If, after hanging your piece, it falls from the wall, Sammy Gorin Art will not be responsible for damages incurred.

Framing Your Canvas Artwork. If you choose to frame your canvas artwork, do not frame it under glass as this will likely trap moisture and damage the piece.

If you are unsure whether your artwork has been done on canvas or wood, please refer to your receipt or contact me at