MFM "Lock Your F*cking Door" Soft Enamel Keychain

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This soft enamel keychain is of my original digital illustration, which is inspired by the wise words of Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark of the podcast "My Favorite Murder." 

Keychain and ring are silver in color; enamel keychain is 2 inches.


Soft enamel pins and keychains are handmade, which means they lack machine-like perfection. As a result, there are two types of pin grades: “Standard Grade” and “Second Grade.” Every pin seller will define these grades differently, so please be sure to review the below to understand what I consider “Second Grade” enamel.

Standard Grade

“Standard Grade” soft enamel pins and keychains are what I consider the highest-quality product. Pins look exactly as they should and, at first glance, have no noticeable air bubbles or scratches. 

Second Grade 

These pins and keychains have minor flaws that do not affect the functionality or design of the pin. Most of these imperfections are only noticeable when looking very closely at the pin.

Most “Second Grade” pins and keychains only have one or two tiny air bubbles or scratches, but there’s a chance your pin or keychain might also have small chips, uneven enamel filling, or enamel that slightly bleeds into other colors. 

“Second Grade” pin and keychain buyers will receive a pin at random. 


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