eBook: The Essential Guide to Building a Brand

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"The Essential Guide to Building a Brand" is an interactive eBook for creative entrepreneurs.

Rich with information and more than a dozen worksheets, this eBook uncovers what it takes to build a successful brand, all while readers make one of their own.

In addition to getting a crash-course in branding, readers will use interactive worksheets to work through the same steps used by professional marketers.

By reading this eBook, you'll learn how to:

☑️ Identify and analyze the competition

☑️ Define your target audience and create effective buyer personas

☑️ Establish your vision, mission, and core values

☑️ Craft a powerful value proposition

☑️ Define your brand's personality

☑️ Strategically choose colors, fonts, and shapes

☑️ Determine the best type of logo for your brand

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